The best movies of 2023

The best movies of 2023, how can you say what they are? It’s still 2022. Of course, we don’t exactly know what the best movies of 2023 will be. All we know is that some highly anticipated movies are going to be released this year.

We have to wait and see how good these films will be. But we have high expectations. And we also now a little bit to expect. Some of these movies are from famous franchises. So, we can imagine what they will be like. Mission: Impossible 7 is one good example.

Down below we will discuss some of the most anticipated movies, what they will be about and why it will be a good movie.


This movie is a prequel to the classic Roald Dahl children’s book. There is of course already a film about this book. In the upcoming movie we can read how the situation in this book came about. It will be a good family film which provides a great day out for you and your whole family.

The director will be Paul King. This fact makes us really enthusiastic. It’s because he has a lot of experience directing movies for children. He made Paddington and Paddington 2, which were both excellent movies. Both movies had a wonderful and charming energetic energy. We will hope that King can use this for the Wonka film.

As of now, we don’t know a lot about the movie. But the coming months we will learn more. However, we expect that it will be very interesting and exciting.


We think that this will be a brilliant film. Why? First of all, the director will be Christopher Nolan. He is of course a great director. He is famous for stylistic movies, with complicated plots. Examples of this are Memento and Inception.

Oppenheimer will be a biopic on Robert Oppenheimer, the person who invented the atomic bomb. It’s not sure how Nolan will portray Oppenheimer in this film, because there is a lot of secretive stuff going on. The actors who will play in this movie were forbidden to read the script before they signed!

Still a lot of great actors have decided to join Nolan for his movie. The star cast consists of Robert Downey Jr, Matt Damon, Florence Pugh and more.

Indiana Jones 5

In 2022 we saw a lot of films from famous movie franchise. Jurassic World, Batman and James Bond for example. This will not be different in 2023. To name one example: Indiana Jones 5.

Everybody is familiar with the Indiana Jones film series. They are one of the most famous movies ever made. The director of these movies is Steven Spielberg, a worldwide icon. Sadly, he doesn’t return for the fifth installment. However, this doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Sometimes a breath of fresh air can be very welcome.

For the fans of the series, there is some good news. Harrison Ford will be returning. He is now 80 years old. So, we will be surprised if he plays the same kind of roll. We think that there will be a new generation that will feature in the film. Harrison Ford will probably play a role that is similar to the one that Sean Connery played in earlier episodes.

Mission Impossible 7

In 2023 you can also watch a new Mission Impossible movie. This is a great movie franchise with millions of fans all over the world. Mission Impossible has Tom Cruise as its main protagonist. This is a great star who is one of the best action actors of the last century.

Mission Impossible is the American answer on James Bond. It has the same formula. A secretive agent who has to defend the world from great terror organizations. In order to do this, he has to fight with a lot of bad guys. These scenes are very spectacular and are thrilling to watch.

We think that mission Impossible 7 will not be very different from the other films. Why should you change a winning formula? We do know that Christopher McQuarrie will direct the upcoming movie. He also made the legendary Fallout film of the Mission Impossible series.

Tom Cruise is a very competitive and ambitious guy. For every movie he wants to pull of a great stunt. In one of the episodes, he bungled from the top of a building, while in others he fought in a helicopter. We are curious what he will do in the upcoming movie. But we do know that it will be very spectacular.

John Wick: Chapter 4

John Wick will also return to the screen in 2023. It is already the fourth movie in this franchise. It will be quite spectacular, at least that are our expectations. Keanu Reaves will be back to play John Wick. However, Laurence Fishburn will also make an appearance. It is likely that the movie will continue with the cliffhanger of the third movie.

According to the fans, every subsequent John Wick movie has become more intense and more spectacular. If this trend will continue that means that the fourth one will be absolutely great!

The Flash

2023 will also be a great year for people who love superhero movies. 2022 was already pretty great. The Batman film was an absolutely fine movie. It had everything. A great plot, great characters and a dark cinematography. It was quite extraordinary, and it satisfied the expectations of a lot of people worldwide. Of course, Batman is pretty dark for a super hero movie. Some people prefer something lighter.

The Flash will be that film, is our guess. The Flash never had a stand-alone film. But he is famous from different television shows. He is also very famous for his great sense of humor. We think the movie will not be that different. We expect a great entertaining movie. This one will make you laugh, and will also have a lot of suspense and action. It has everything. A great film to watch if you want to relax.