The best action movies ever made

There are a lot of different movie genres, the action genre is one of the most popular. The past decennia numerous action movies have been made. There are so many that it is hard to pick one. If you are in doubt about which action movie you are going to watch, read this list. We give an overview of some of the best action movies ever made!

What is an action movie?

The first question that you have to ask is, what is an action movie. Of course, there are no clear-cut lines between different genres. However, in every action movie there are some elements that are always the same. There are a lot fights, violence and chases. Shootouts, fistfights and car chases are also common. There is a protagonist who is fighting against a main villain. The purpose of an action movie is to bring suspense and excitement. A good action movie makes your heart beat faster.

The Matrix

One of the best action movies that has ever been made is the matrix. This is really an interesting movie. It combines a lot of interesting elements. First of all, the action scenes are amazing. Even though the film is from 1999, if you look at it now, you are still surprised how well the special effects have been done. During the time that the matrix was released it was even more spectacular. Another amazing thing about the movie is the story. It is quite thrilling. It’s also quite philosophical. It really makes you think about the influence of AI on society. Furthermore, you start to wonder about the reality we live in. Maybe it’s true that we live in a matrix? It’s not plausible, but who knows.

The story follows Neo. He finds out that the world he lives in is not real but a computer simulation. Morpheus helps him to escape to the real world. Why does Morpheus decide to help him? It’s because he thinks that Neo is the chosen one. According to him, Neo has the power to free every human from the robot enslavement. However, in order to do this. They have to fight a lot and hard.

The Terminator

The Terminator is another great action movie. Actually, it was so successful that numerous sequels were made. However, according to most moviegoers the first one was the best. It was direct by famous director James Cameron. The story is about a woman who is being chased by a large robot, the Terminator. She is protected by Kyle Reese who is sent from the future, just as the robot who wants to kill the women. The woman is so important because she gives birth to a boy who is essential in the fight against the machines. Obviously, the machines want to stop here. The interesting thing is that the robot looks like a human. The role is played by Arnold Schwarzenegger who is really excellent. He has a very robotic appearance. So, the casting for this role was great. His brutal physical appearance also makes him well suited for this role. The movie is full of breathtaking car chases, and cool action scenes. The story also has a very touching and intriguing end. You absolutely want to watch this if you are an action movie fan.

Die Hard

Another film you absolutely have to see is Die Hard. This is one of the most famous movies in the action genre. Bruce Willis plays the leading role. He is not a typical action actor. He is not extremely muscular like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone. The movie is also very funny. It mixes action with funny scenes. The story is about a guy who comes to visit his wife. His wife has an excellent job with a well-known firm. The firm is located in a great tower. When he arrives, there is a hostage situation. He has to save his wife and all the other hostages. The movie is famous for a lot of great one-liners. For example: Yippee Ki Yay, motherfuckers. Another aspect that makes the movie very good; the main character is a common guy. He is very relatable, but at the same time really cool. The main villain is really creepy, which also ads to the suspense of the film.    

The Jurassic Park

This is another Steven Spielberg classic. He already made Jaws and E.T. which were instant classics. However, Jurassic Park brought something entirely new to the table. It was the highest-grossing movie ever made in 1993. What is it about? Some doctors cloned a lot of dinosaurs and brought them back to live. They brought them to a park, this is called ‘Jurassic Park’. However, it soon turns out that the dinosaurs are not that easily controlled. After a while some of them escape. And they start hunting the tourists and the scientists on the island. The scene were the velociraptors chase the people in the kitchen is absolutely stunning. This film is not a typical action movie, but that makes it just the more interesting.

Raiders Of the Lost Ark

It seems that Steven Spielberg has a great talent for making the right action movie. He also directed ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’, an instant classic. Harris Ford plays Indiana Jones, a famous archeologist who is travelling the world to find lost treasures. In this movie Indiana has to find the lost ark, a weapon from antiquity, that has been lost. The Nazi’s are also looking for this artefact. It comes down to a crazy chase where both parties are trying to find the lost ark. Another great thing about the film is the musical score, made by John Williams. The whole movie has a spectacular, fun and adventurous vibe. There are also lot great action scenes, including spectacular fist fights.

This is a list of some of the best action movies ever made. However, there are a lot more. Famous actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan or Bruce Willis have made an extraordinary amount of great action movies. If you have seen the films in this list, go on and watch other movies of these spectacular actors.